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Armonia :: Hershel Michaels App by Pyracanthii Armonia :: Hershel Michaels App by Pyracanthii

EDIT ::: Ahhhh little Hersh got in! Please welcome him to the Amity house~

My hopeful second character~ I can't believe I haven't made a Skiddo/Gogoat character until now! Oh well, making it up by making him shiny like my one in-game. vuv


Age: 14 15
Gender: Male
Pokémon: Skiddo (shiny)
Birthday: February 26th
Height: 5' 03" (1.6m)
Weight: 129 lbs (58.5kg)
Nature: Modest
Ability: Sap Sipper
Hometown: Route 12/Coumarine City

Hershel, due to his upbringing, is a huge sweetheart and loves to make people happy, even if it means going out of his way or bending over backwards to do so. However, his ambitiousness often results in a sense of competitiveness, and his impulsiveness at those times leads him to forget to be a good sport (though he would never cheat!). He is also very set in most of his ways, and will be quite stubborn about them should they come in question. Despite this, he's very accepting of other peoples views, and as long as they leave him to his, he'll leave them to theirs. In regards to his training and studies, he very devoted to them in order to do his best, giving him a sense of confidence but at the price of being impatient for results- meaning he can be snappy if something doesn't go his way. Overall, he's just a normal, somewhat chill sort of guy that doesn't try to let a lot of things get him down and doesn't like to disappoint.

Hershel was born and raised on the outskirts of Coumarine City on his parent's farm, the second youngest in a family with 6 children. Ever since he could walk, his parents always found a way for him to help out on the farm, whether it be watering the crops or petting the animals or when he got older, carrying water from the wells and helping his father and older brother build new additions and fix up others around the farm. Education wasn't a prime factor in his family, in essence, so while he was homeschooled, it never took more importance that working.

When he started to get older, he found in his free time he would explore, running and feeling the wind on him as he would adventure the seaside and find new spots to relax when work was done, or later, train in private after realizing that he wanted to be as strong as his older brother, a bulky Gogoat whose strength the little Skiddo absolutely admired. Hershel did everything to gain some muscle, however, any attempts seemed futile and he would come home in foul moods until his parents sent one of his older sisters to find out what he was doing.

After awhile, his parents found out of his training endeavors. It wasn't a big deal, and it was understandable, however they told him that they had been considering a change of pace for the young Skiddo. After all, Hershel wasn't likely to ever inherit the farm and they wanted him to have a fair shot outside the farm, so they suggested that Hershel attend a rather prestigious academy by the name of Armonia. Skeptic at first, he looked into it with his older sisters until he found out about their sports program and club, which seemed promising enough to get him interested. With his parents encouragement and this new-found interest, he sent in an application in hopes of getting an acceptance letter back.

Summary characteristic: Somewhat stubborn

-Running and other sports - Mostly running, but he enjoys soccer a lot as well
-Training - Pretty much includes working on his speed and strength more than anything
-Adventuring and Exploring - Doesn't matter if he gets lost, an exploration is an adventure to him!
-Eating - Its hard not to find some sort of food not on him or in his mouth at some point

:icongroundtypeplz: Bulldoze
:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle
:icongrasstypeplz: Razor Leaf
:iconnormaltypeplz: Milk Drink

Favorite berry flavor: Dry

House: Amity

School Schedule: 
Mandatory - History, Battle, Math (II), Writing, Science
Electives - Gym, Horticulture, Survival

Extras/Fun Facts:
- Hershel isn't incredibly strong, but he does have some upper body strength that he's proud of.
- His favorite drink is milk, from his parent's farm, which he always makes sure he has some.
- Hershel doesn't really care about his shininess, it was never important to him and he doesn't see why it should be.
- Music is definitely not his forte. From singing to playing an instrument, Hershel is absolutely terrible at it.
- Hershel speaks with a slightly southern drawl, though he will always argue that he doesn't have any sort of accent.
- (Outside Fun Fact) His tag necklace with the number 41 is after my first goat's show tag, which is identical and I felt I need to pay respects, considering he is named after my first show goat Hershel. :heart:
AutumnPalette Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
Zane: "Happy birthday Hershel! Be sure to play with me more!" o/
birdmir Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Student General Artist
So cute! I love the name and Skiddos in general.
wraithtown Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ahh what a cutie <3 love his personality and how it was written~ congrats on getting in and i hope to see u around!

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