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HPM App :: Erik DuBois by Pyracanthii HPM App :: Erik DuBois by Pyracanthii
4/16/13 - Yay, he got in! Feel free to contact me about RPs~
3/31/13 - Updated with history, personality and talents + finalization
3/19/13 - Small little updates for the funfacts and likes/dislikes
3/8/13 - My new character for :iconharvest-pokemoon:! He'll be replacing Rivera if he gets accepted, but right now he's still a work in progress~ I'm really pleased with how his app art came out and I can't wait to finish the details and flesh him out right!

Constructive criticism is welcome~

NAME: Erik Thomas DuBois
AGE: 21 22
HEIGHT: 5'06"
BIRTHDAY: March 2nd
HOME ISLAND: Mystery Isle

Erik, first and foremost, isn't one to talk all that much, but in his hometown is known mostly for his surprising mood swings and occasional outbursts for as long as he can remember. Due to having the totem of the "Emotion" Pokemon, Erik is very sensitive to the surrounding emotions (even more so due to his deafness), sometimes resulting him to match the most overwhelming expression he senses around him. Usually he is well at controlling this, as working in a crowded environment is his job, but sometimes it takes a toll on him and he lashes out at others with a sharp tongue until he calms down. Despite this, Erik is actually quite a mild individual, who enjoys a good laugh just as much as anyone else, and even though it can be a roller-coaster ride to befriend him, he's very loyal to his friends and is certainly one to count on. Because of his deafness, he's always tried to be as adaptable as he can to anything, as seen by his use of Psychic powers to communicate, however at times he's very stubborn if he feels that sometime should be done a certain way- especially when it comes to work. The way to befriend him is mostly through patience and toleration, and sticking with him through his highs- and lows- will earn someone a very grateful and loyal friend out of him.

Erik was born in Agate Village, into a small family of his parents and his sister, Lorrin. Much like the rest of their family, his parents owned their own restaurant, of which he always worked in as a helping hand, even years after his parents found that Erik was born deaf. When he was young, after he turned 5 and was entering primary school, his parents worried how he would get along- he had been learning sign language and they had discovered they could communicate rarely telepathically, bu neither of which Erik was very strong at doing. So, they sent him with a translator and hoped for the best, deciding if he couldn't fit in within a week that they'd have to move for the sake of him. The first two days Erik spent alone, the other kids wondering why he always had an adult by his side and didn't talk much, if at all. It was only the third day that one of the other children approached him, a Ralts much like himself only much more outspoken. He introduced himself as Ron, and became confused when Erik didn't react until the translator signed it out to him. Erik had smiled and signed his introduction, and Ron's confusion turned to curiousity when the translator told him Erik's name. He asked why Erik's "ears were broken", figuring that was the only explanation. The translator had told him that he was deaf, and used sign language to "talk"- causing Ron to immediately ask if he could say something to Erik. She agreed, and he told her that he'd wanted to ask Erik if he'd like to play. After a few fumbles of his hands, Ron sloppily signed it to Erik, and from it began the first friendship Erik ever made. From there, Ron continued to learn sign language and introduced Erik to others, helping him to fit in more and feel a bit better (even despite his frequent "fits" that he couldn't help) and so Erik stayed in Agate Village.
As he grew, his ways of communicate became better, he learned to read lips and Ron always told him that even though he too had signed for years now, Erik always did so in a perfectly flowing way that no hearing person could ever do. Erik had even started to help out in the restaurant, at first just helping clean and do little tasks until he started to work as a waiter, delivering food table to table and occasionally helping out in the kitchen, which he always preferred. He had even started to hone his ability to communicate through his psychic abilities on willing customers (and mostly Ron), and suddenly Erik didn't feel as helpless as he was when he was a kid, and his outbursts became less frequent as he went. And the longer he stayed in Agate, the more he realized that he wanted to pursue his passion for cooking. At first, he was fine with his parent's teachings, but soon he found himself wanting to know more than they could teach him, and so he decided that the best course of action was to leave to be taught by the best chef he could think of; his grandmother that lived in an odd little place called Mystery Isle in the islands of Raccolto, where she ran her own restaurant along with his sister, The Two Spoons. At first, his parents were hesistant to let him go, worried that he'd have trouble getting along with the new people of Raccolto, and it didn't help that Ron did not want his best friend to leave either, though everyone they knew had grown up just like them and were now going their own ways while Ron and Erik lingered in Agate Village. And as much as he hated to leave them all, he promised that he'd visit often and they could visit too, but this was something he needed to pursue.
With all of his things packed up and his goodbyes said, Erik headed out for Raccolto in hopes that this is what he was truly looking for.

JOB: Restaurateur/Waiter (works at his Grandmother's restaurant)
SHOP NAME: The Two Spoons
STOCK TYPE: Homey Food & Drink (for lack of better words;;; )

CAT'S NAME: Scout (♀)
CAT'S PERSONALITY: As a young Shinx, Scout is almost always hyper, ready to be adventurous or just play, much like a dog. She doesn't really care for Erik's scolding her and will often run from him in order to play a game of cat-and-mouse. However, she is quite affectionate and does enjoy the company of her owner, because even though she is only a pet, Erik can prevent negativity by focusing on her positive emotions towards everything.
CAT'S HISTORY: When Erik was younger, his parents thought he needed some company that he didn't need to necessarily speak, so that he wouldn't feel so badly when he was alone. Thus, Scout was given to Erik to raise and take care of, and to make him happier. The plan worked; Scout had filled a sort-of void that Erik had, and quickly became possibly one of the closest things to him. When Erik decided to move to Raccolto, he had decided against taking Scout as he wasn't sure how well she'd be off, but the mischevious Shinx hid in his travel bag and came along for the ride. Ever since she's stuck by his side, making sure he doesn't leave her behind again.

- Fluent in Sign Language;; Erik has been learning ever since he was little, so naturally he'd be very skilled at signing.
- Cooking;; Erik has a special fondness for making food, although he isn't the best cook out there- but hopes to change that with the help of his Grandmother.
- Dancing;; Though he'd never really admit it, Kirlia are known for being graceful on their feet, so on occasion (when alone of course), he likes to practice dancing-
his favorite being the waltz.
- Telepathic Ability;; Even though he hasn't fully grasped it, Erik can in a sense read what a person wants him to read, much like talking without using audible words.
He cannot read a person's mind however, nor can he use it unless the person he is using it on allows him to (in a sense, they need to open their mind to it).
- Reading Lips;; When signing and telepathy are not options, Erik opts for reading lips. Most of the time he does well in translating, but thick accents or covered
mouths throw him off big time. Should he have an issue with either of these and can't figure it out (mostly when working), he'll explain that he's deaf and switch with
another waiter if he still can't communicate with a customer, or offer up the telepathy option be it someone he meets outside of work.

- Erik has always been deaf, only learning how to speak, read lips, and understand spoken words through telepathic communication with his teachers, family, and some friends- On occasion, he speech will be slow and sometimes mixed in with mispronounced or misunderstood words as result of nor knowing what he sounds like.
- Erik, having read lips all of his life, is incredibly watchful when someone is speaking and doesn't like to be interrupted. However, if the other(s) condone it, he will use his telepathic abilities to 'talk' with them, so as to communicate with ease. He cannot read minds however, and can only read what the person wants him to.
- Sign language is his preferred method of communication, which makes it difficult for him as he rarely meets anyone who knows it. It's the easiest way to him, so he is always willing to teach if one was willing to learn.
- Alcohol is ones of the things he loathes most, as he watched drunks in the bar of his parent's restaurant and absolutely cannot tolerate the effects of alcohol has on people.
- Erik is very partial to the color green, and likes to collect green items of all sorts.
- Although he can "talk" with others through telepathy, he cannot hear anything other than "speech"- meaning he does not know what music sounds like, has never heard Taillows chirping, and so on.
- Erik always dreams of being a chef or the head of a restaurant one day, much like his parents and grandparents. It's the family tradition.
-Erik isn't all that bothered with his deafness, but doesn't like to mention it all that much. He does occasionally get upset that he can't hear, but sometimes it soothes him to hear someone else describe something he can't hear.
- As not only a chef but as a Psychic type too, he isn't very fond of bugs! Most of them give him the heebie-jeebies, but as long as they're not a pest or bothering him, he can deal with them. As long as they don't surprise him either.

ABILITY: Synchronize - When this Pokémon becomes poisoned, paralyzed, or burned, so does the opponent. However, Fire-type and Water Veil ability Pokémon cannot be burned, Poison-type and Steel-type and Immunity ability Pokémon cannot be poisoned, and Limber ability Pokémon cannot be paralyzed.

:iconpsychictypeplz: Psyshock - The user materializes an odd psychic wave to attack the target. This attack does physical damage. - Erik isn't very good at controlling this attack, so it does trigger unintentionally when he's upset- however when he can utilize it, it can do some damage.

:iconpsychictypeplz: Calm Mind - The user quietly focuses its mind and calms its spirit to raise its Sp. Atk and Sp. Def stats. - When his environment becomes stressed with an overload of senses, Erik uses this mood to calm himself and drown out things around him. It would be unwise to interrupt him in the middle of using this move.

:iconnormaltypeplz: Facade - An attack move that doubles its power if the user is poisoned, burned, or has paralysis. - Not often used, as Erik isn't much of a physical fighter. However, along with his ability, this move can become incredibly useful should the need arise.

:iconpsychictypeplz: Teleport - Use it to flee from any wild Pokémon. It can also warp to the last Pokémon Center visited. - Erik uses this pretty much exclusively to deliver food to customers in a hurry, but can use it to flee short distances, or just in instances he needs a break.

▋Sexuality: Pansexual Panromantic

▋Loves: Smiling, Emeralds, Iced Tea, Kasib Berries, Good Food, Cooking
▋Likes: Positive Emotions, Homemade foods, bowties, dancing, collecting
▋Dislikes: Snow, Junk, Weeds, Lightning, Figy Berries
▋Hates: Alchohol, Teasing, Negative Emotions, Petaya Berries, Mushrooms
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czmAvery Featured By Owner Edited Jan 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
*creeps on here*


D'ya wanna roleplay with Kira?

Cuz this guy is too adorkable.
Pyracanthii Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Student General Artist
I'd be up for an RP if you're willing to put up with me being the slowest person to reply ever, as sort of evidenced by this response. Sometimes I answer back pretty quickly, but I can take over a month at times, just because other things come up. If you're totally willing to have me be slower than a slowpoke, then I'll RP with you! I'd just hate to get your hopes up because I'm an awful RP partner in regards to replying and I feel awful that I've started RPing with people who didn't know that beforehand and have to deal with that. But if you're fine with me taking an eternity to reply, then I will gladly, 100% be happy to RP Erik and Kira. :>
czmAvery Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm perfectly fine with that. Honestly, I like to have a break in between so I can get more writing juice stocked up. I use a lot of it on my book, and just kinda use the leftovers for RPs. If people respond too quickly for too long a time, I usually take a little break from them and reply a week or so later. ^^
Pyracanthii Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Student General Artist
Alright, I'm glad to hear that! How would you like to RP? Comment, notes, etc? And do you have any ideas in particular you'd like to RP about? owo
czmAvery Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I suppose I could do any of 'em. I've recently tried GoogleDocs and am LOVING it. 

Ah, nothing in particular. Perhaps we should plan some way for them to meet, though?
Pyracanthii Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015  Student General Artist
I've never tried RPing with GoogleDocs, that sounds pretty interesting! I'm not entirely sure how that works so you'd have to tell me what to do though. xD

That sounds good. Did you want to RP them as their Cirque de la Lune totems or no? I just have the thought that either Erik is out to help people (esp. farmers because farmers would be suppliers for food in in the restaurant) or needs some help fixing up the restaurant after the blizzard and either way they help each other out. If you don't want to do that, it could be more generic, or if you had any ideas that would be good! vuv
czmAvery Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll set up a document and share the link with you. That way, only you and I can reach it. We'll just reply to each other on there. ^^

I mean, I don't super want to, but if you want to that's fine! I really am up for anything, as long as it's fun!! XD

I do know Kira's kitchen caved in ... >.> If we did do a roleplay on fixing that, though, I would like to add a few people to the mix.
Ciress Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013
Ooo, yay, the rest of his information~

His history- I don't even know who he is, but I already love Ron, lol. I really enjoy reading/seeing close friendships like that, even if it might not be relevant to things in HPM and such.

Anyway, I really enjoy the sounds of Erik; he seems like a lot of fun. ^^
All the emotional sensitivity- it certainly must be interesting, as well as taxing.
And he's, so cute, though I'm sure you've gotten that already, lol.
Pyracanthii Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Student General Artist
ghafd I'm glad, Ron went through a LOT of retweaking, even though he's as old as Erik is (when-I-made-him wise) and he wound up being pretty much the same I had created him to be like. He was actually going to be the bad influence on Erik but I decided against it. >u<
Hopefully I will bring him round as an NPC at one point though

And yes, I haven't had a character before that isn't really level-headed all the time, and never one that I felt comfortable just having burst out yelling or something. But I really wanted to kind of step out of my comfort zone for Erik here, as I really think that'll help with future characters.

And thank you, I'm glad everyone keeps saying he's cute, it makes me so happy everytime I hear it. vuv
Ciress Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013
Ah, yeah...there are always characters that seem to need more playing with than others, no matter what the end result might or might not be, lol. Interesting you had considered him for a bad influence though.
And that sounds fun. ^^

Oooh, I hope you'll really enjoy him then; it's always fun to try and expand into different sorts of characters. X3
He certainly seems like fun at least~

Then I'm glad I mentioned it, as it's true, lol.
YouStoleMyWaffle Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooooouuuuh he's a cutie pie <3 welcome welcome!:iconbrohugplz:
Pyracanthii Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you~! I'm so happy he got in >u<
YouStoleMyWaffle Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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